Why it’s Important to Get Those Leaves Up

We have now come to the point in the year where college and pro football is in full swing. The air is starting to get cooler and the leaves are changing colors so you know what comes next right? A whole lot of clean up, and I knowing want to just leave it, but let me tell you why that’s not such a great idea.



You have had a spectacular yard all year and now you are gonna let some leaves get in the way? Absolutely not. Keep that fresh and tidy yard look by keeping those leaves out of the yard.

Your Lawn Needs Air

Your lawn needs to breathe to live and thrive, just like you, so don’t let a thick layer of debris smother and suffocate it.

Disease and Fungus

When moisture is trapped it creates problems. Just like it would in a house, it also would in your yard too. The root system needs fresh air, as I mentioned earlier, to dry out because when it’s covered like that it you can kill the grass causing you to have dead spots in your yard.
So in short, just ask your normal maintenance landscapers to continue cleanup through the fall and winter. They will ensure that your yard stays pristine year round, even when the grass isn’t green.
Until next time!