May 16, 2019

I am from West Georgia, and down here there is one restaurant that every Georgian hold's near and dear to their heart above all other restaurants. This restaurant is an absolute pleasure to go in. The staff is extremely friendly and very welcoming. The conditions in the restaurant are always outstanding and very clean. You never have to wait long for your food, if you even must wait at all, and lastly the food! The food is delicious and has perfect consistency every time between visits. Well if you haven't figured out what restaurant I'm talking about yet, it's Chick Fil-A. Chick Fil-A is the pure definition of what exactly quality is. From the time you pull into the parking lot till the time you leave, Chick Fil-A is all about the customer and being able to deliver a quality product every time anyone visits. Whether it’s a visitors first time or coming back for the 100th, the quality never changes.


You see the point that I am making is that quality is what separates the average companies from the extraordinary companies. If you want to separate your company from the one located down the street from you, your quality must always have the same consistency no matter what the situation or the customer, as well as to always do the little things, and always display great personal characteristics. The value of your business, along with its reputation grows and decreases with the quality that you put out. Quality is what separates the average restaurants from the best.