Sep 16, 2020

For today’s discussion we will be talking about the magic of hydroseeding. Now for those of you that are unaware of what hydro seeding is, let me bring you up to speed. Hydroseeding is a mix of water, mulch, and seeds that is used as a quick and effective way to control erosion and prevent wash and used as a substitution for sod.

Now that we know what hydroseeding, let’s talk about so if the pros and cons.


This is the most effective way possible to control erosion and prevent erosion.

This is a great solution for both large and small areas that need prevention. Whether it’s a residential or commercial area.

This is cheaper than getting a brand-new sod installation.

It’s a very fast process and there’s not a long drawn out process.

Cheaper and less expensive than sod


It’s not instant like sod. You’ll have a green blueish hue for a week and a few days then you’ll start seeing your grass come up

Depending on the time of year it could influence the germination of certain seeds.

Sometimes if done to close to rainfall and the mulch hasn’t had proper time to cure onto the ground it does have a chance to wash and making it ineffective.

Does still have to be watered


Overall hydroseeding is a very effective way to put down grass seeds in a very timely matter on all surfaces and slopes. I personally love hydroseeding because it’s an inexpensive and effective way to apply a seed application in any area in any time of year. Ask your future contractor if this service is right for you. Thanks for reading and until next post!