Hiring a Landscape Professional

Jun 02, 2019

When we decide that something needs work done to it or needs to be renovated, the first thing that comes to our minds is can we do it ourselves or do I need to hire a professional. It’s a big decision that has many attributing factors. From money to time constraints to probably the biggest factor as to knowing what you’re doing! So, this blog post is for my property owners and why hiring a professional, might just be the best thing to do. You could literally find a million reasons on why not hire a professional but there are three major reasons on why to hire a professional.


We are all guilty of losing track of time. Whether its for a few minutes, hours, or even days. Life gets in the way and we end up putting things off over and over, until we either forget about it or just never end up doing it at all. When you hire a professional, it is their job to make you their priority. You must realize that this is how they eat, pay their bills, etc., so it’s in their best interests to complete your project within a timely manner.

EXTRA TIP: Don’t be afraid or feel out of place to ask how long a project will take, or how long will it take before they can get to your project. These are perfectly normal questions.



                Do you know what zone you live in? Do know the name of the grass you that you have? Do you know the name of all the plants that you want to add to your landscape? Do you know the name of the plants that you want to take out of your landscape? Do you know how to read different grades? The point that I’m making is that with years and years of working on various amounts of jobs, comes experience. Experienced professionals know exactly how to handle situations when they arise on a project, and I guarantee you that they will arise. Professionals have the experience, skills, and knowledge to know exactly how a project should go, that most DIY’s don’t have. Experience is everything.

EXTRA TIP: Ask if your project is something that they normally handle.



                Landscapes are living breathing projects that grow and unfortunately die. Like everything else that is living and growing, landscapes must be cared for. After hiring your landscape professional and completing your project, it is very common to negotiate a maintenance plan for care later down the road or asking for a referral of someone that does maintenance. Once again, life will get in the way, and there is no denying that you want your landscape to be in tip top shape.


Evaluate your project’s needs. Be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself is this something that you can handle in a timely matter. If you still have trouble deciding just ask your considered landscape professional for an estimate and I’m sure that they will accommodate you.

Until next time!